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The asphalt plants or asphalt mixing plant is used for mixing the dry warm aggregate, padding and Asphalt for homogeneous mixture at the required temperature. And it is widely used to the construction of highway, city road and parking lot.

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The perfect balance of powerful, low installation cost and easy movable asphalt mixing plants was developed by Alltech Research & Design team.  Alltech plants are skid-mounted so it saves RCC foundation work cost.

Each new technology proudly presented by Alltech is a value for the world in the name of Energy-saving & the environment. In addition to our efficient products in asphalt technology, short reaction times, excellent development competence & state-of-the-art production facilities characterize our company.

Four Been Feeder

At an asphalt mixing plant, the aggregate material is stockpiled according to grain size and type. This material is usually loaded into the individual hoppers by a wheel loader. The minerals are dispensed via dosing belts (normally frequency-controlled) onto the collecting belt below, specific to the recipe. In this way, a corresponding cold feed recipe is generated on the collecting belt. The material is then transported to the dryer drum via this collecting belt.

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It has been found that even in systems in which galvanic probe cannot be used as a monitor, it is useful as a troubleshooting t00l.l~Standard test methods for determination of oxygen, including on-line measurements, are covered by ASTM standards.16-18 4.5.7 Phosphate The amount of phosphate in natural water is very low, or, it is altogether absent.

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The American Concrete Institute. Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA, the American Concrete Institute is a leading authority and resource worldwide for the development, dissemination, and adoption of its consensus-based standards, technical resources, educational programs, and proven expertise for individuals and organizations involved in concrete design ...

Problems with Concrete Pressed Piles

Problems with Pressed Piles – Questions and Opinions. We want you to know about the problems / questions / opinions about the method of repair used by most foundation repair contractors in the state of Texas. Don’t listen to us. Listen to independent Structural Engineers who have experience with concrete slab foundations.

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2015/02/28 · Now I will show you some knowledge about common troubles and troubleshooting of Trommel screen. 1. The trommel screen screening quality is not good screening quality, the reason may be sieve clogged, sieve should be if the ...

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The best mixer for precast concrete countertops

For precast concrete countertops, your mixer is one of the biggest investments you will make at around 00 and up, so buying just what you need, and not more than you need, is very important. There are three basic types of

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The 7 most common construction defects: A condo buyers guide

May 22, 2019 · Many of the problems with new construction can be traced back to issues of time and/or money—using inferior products or taking shortcuts during the building process. To avoid buying into a building with problems, check out this list of things to look out for with new and nearly new construction.

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A repair may not be feasible. If the damage is shallow, say, less than 1.5 in., a concrete sealer is one repair option. Bad design data can result in a host of concrete problems. This problem can affect any element of an installation or repair. Concrete slabs need to be equipped with expansion and contraction joints.


common problems with concrete slabs and how to repair them How to complete slab repairs using less time and labor Bryan Baeumler, celebrity contractor and HGTV host The cracks in this garage floor have been stabilized with RHINO Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock and it is now ready for a coating.

Concrete Slab Surface Defects: Causes, Prevention, Repair

vented by adhering to proper construction methods. Blisters The appearance of blisters (Fig. 1) on the surface of a concrete slab during finishing operations is annoying. These bumps, of varying size, appear at a time when bubbles of entrapped air or water rising through the plastic concrete get trapped under an already sealed, airtight surface.

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Rapid sand Water treatment filter does not use biological filtration and depends primarily on mechanical straining, sedimentation, impaction, interception, adhesion and physical adsorption. In Rapid sand water filter the complete filtration cycle (filtration and back washing) occurs sequentially.

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Dec 17, 2011 · The bigger problems come from the subsequent vibration and its detrimental effects on seals and bearings. Cavitation Troubleshooting. The biggest problem overall is identifying which of three hydraulic conditions are present when the common symptoms of noise and vibration are experienced.

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There are many basic troubleshooting techniques you can use to fix issues like this. In this lesson, we'll show you some simple things to try when troubleshooting, as well as how to solve common problems you may encounter.

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2013/4/20 · This is the Epicurian Model, but most KitchenAid Mixers are the same in design and many parts are interchangeable. I troubleshoot 2 problems in this video. 1 …

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This is an advanced graduate course on the theory of computational complexity. The course will cover basic machine models and complexity measures along with their properties and relationships, complexity classes and their properties, reductions and complete problems, concrete representative problems from important complexity classes.

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Generally if the heat treated surface has worn down this signifies Common venting methods are to provide parting line that the units have worn out. vents, vent plugs and pins. More recent developments include the use of porous metals that allow gas to escape There are ways to minimise wear and tear on the but not the polymer.

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Performance of the work requires a knowledge of the methods used in processing material into and out of the supply system, including the methods used in tallying types and quantities of items against receiving and shipping documents; skill in palletizing, stacking, and otherwise placing and arranging items in storage locations in consideration ...

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Troubleshooting and Repairing Problem SPF Applications. from D+D Print, February 2014 ; by Mason Knowles, Mason Knowles Consulting LLC How to identify and remove common defects in spray polyurethane foam application.

Test Methods & Troubleshooting: SCC Part 2 - NPCA

Now, if you are ready to take your operation beyond the familiarity of conventional precast concrete products, two remaining topics are presented here in Part 2: SCC test methods and troubleshooting. Test methods to qualify an SCC mix


The burner used for drying and heating can be operated with Diesel/LDO (Light Diesel Oil/FO (Furnace Oil). During operation, the operator can change the combustible with the help of his controls. Alltech is the only proved manufacturer of asphalt mixing plants developing and manufacturing its own specified burners for less trouble. Here you can learn more about our combustion technology.

Dust collection system

The flue gas produced in the dryer drum and other exhaust air from the production process are extracted under vacuum and cleaned in the fabric filter. The flue gas is fed to the pre-separator of the filter together with the water vapour. The coarse particles of exhaust gas are separated in this pre-separator via deflection and by slowing down the flow speed. This coarse filler is fed directly back into the mixing process via screw conveyor. The fine fraction of exhaust gas, known as fine filler, is cleaned in the actual filter housing. The filter cloth gradually becomes clogged with dust particles, so it is periodically deducted by a scavenging air fan. The fine filler generated is collected In the dust collecting trough beneath the filter housing and forwarded via a screw conveyor installed in the trough and subsequently deposited in the reclaimed filler silo.

Screening and mixing tower

The actual mixing process takes place in the screening and mixing tower. The materials described in the upstream process arrive at the mixing tower screen via a hot stone elevator. The hot aggregate material is uniformly supplied to the screen’s screening decks. The screen is activated via two unbalance motors, stimulating the screen unit, and thus the screens, to vibrate vertically. The input material is thus divided into the individual fractions and separated according to grain size, stocked in the respective compartments of the hot bin section below.

Mixing and weighing section

The mixing and weighing section is one of the core elements of an asphalt mixing plant. This is where the actual mixing process takes place. From the hot bin section the hot material, stocked according to grain size, is dispensed into the aggregate weigh hopper below corresponding to the mixing recipe. The aggregate weigh hopper is mounted on load cells to facilitate the weighing. The individual fractions are weighed sequentially, i.e. the discharge doors open consecutively and dispense the preset quantity of the respective grain into the aggregate weigh hopper. The weighing of the bitumen and the filler is carried out in parallel to the weighing of the aggregate material in the aggregate weigh hopper. The bitumen is weighed in the bitumen weigh hopper and dispensed into the mixer. The required filler is weighed in the filler weigh hopper, which is mounted on load cells, and delivered into the mixer via an inlet screw conveyor.

Filler silo

Both the filler reclaimed from the plant and the imported filler are stored in a filler silo. Only the reclaimed filler is necessary for the basic function of an asphalt mixing plant. There is also the option of storing and using imported filler (foreign filler). The filler then arrives at the mixing tower for further processing via a filler elevator and a screw conveyor.

Bitumen system

The bitumen binder is a core component of the asphalt. The different types of bitumen, tailored to its relevant intended use, are stored separately in appropriate thermally-insulated bitumen tanks. These are heated in order to maintain the required temperature of the bitumen, approx. 160 – 180 °C. These days’ bitumen tanks are heated almost exclusively via electricity, with a feasible alternative being tanks also heated by thermal oil. This means that the energy from the hot thermal oil is transferred to the bitumen via heat exchangers. The hot bitumen is removed from the tanks via a pump and conducted to the bitumen weigh hopper via heated and insulated pipelines. The tanks are filled by tanker lorry via a fill pump, through pipelines into the respective tank.

Command cabin

A command cabin for operating personnel is available to control the processes of an asphalt mixing plant. The operating menu for the entire mixing plant is installed in this cabin. From here, all drives can be started in manual mode. Here, all data required for the mixing process is collated and displayed. As well as managing the required recipes and monitoring or implementing the mixing process, operating personnel can also control.

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